About Us

Jobwork, is a global platform where HR consultants and independent job seekers connect and collaborate remotely in order to fulfil the job requirements of the latter for great career opportunities Who can work on Jobwork?

We welcome all independent job seekers and HRs/Consultants to join the Jobwork community. Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, you’ll find suitable job opportunities on Jobwork. Depending on your needs, we invite you to register and work in one of two ways:?

Job Seekers: For individuals who have just graduated and are freshers in the market along with experienced professionalswho are looking for suitable jobs for their career ? HR Consultants: For HR consultants who plan to provide suitable job to the job seekers in a definite interval of time Jobwork allows job seekers/HR consultants to register or sign up at the first place The job seekers have to create their profile and upload resume so that their details can be reviewed by the HRs to interview and hire for better career opportunities. This platform now includes a real-time chat platform aimed at reducing the time to find and hire freelancers. The HR has to look for a job for an individual as per the plan selected by him/her for a definite time interval that would charge a service fee to the job seeker.

In case, the job seeker is not able to get a suitable job through the HR in that definite period, fee would be refunded after a deduction of minimum service charge.